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Your Questions Answered

Contact Centre

  1. Why do I have to get and keep the reference number?
    A reference number provides us with all the information needed when doing a follow up i.e. when the fault was recorded and the progress thus far.
  2. How long will it take for you to fix my line?
    Customers usually want specific timelines on when their line will be fixed this usually depends on the type/nature of the fault
  3. How long will it take to install my new line?
    Depends on the stage of new installation i.e. has quotation been paid or survey been done already
  4. Telephone coverage; I stay at Mpolonjeni for example can I get a phone?
    We encourage customers to complete an application form and survey to be done for two reasons to find out if service is available and to assist our planning department on areas where we can consider expanding our network to.
  5. How do I escalate my issue or complaint with SPTC?
    Our agents escalate the query to Supervisors – Manager- Senior Management and give feedback to customers
  6. Why do I have to always call the contact centre when I want to activate the Unlimited package?
    This service can only be activated at the contact centre to ensure package is activated and working to avoid problems
  7. Expiry of unlimited package
    Counts 30 days from activation
  8. Why do I need to always leave my contact number?
    Your contact number is used to provide information on the progress of fault reported
  9. Why do I have to report a faulty line, why can’t SPTC just pick up the fault from their systems?
    Our systems currently cannot provide that kind of service
  10. How does the ADSL get faulty while the line is working?
    Our ADSL Service is very sensitive and can be disturbed by any form of interference
  11. Our ADSL Service, cost, different packages and network coverage?
    Prices vary depending on package selected and for coverage a survey needs to be conducted. The modem is free of charge at installation payment is for the package only.
  12. Unlimited package; who benefits
    Only prepaid customers

Post Office

  1. What services do you offer?
    We offer, sales of stamps, internet services, mail posting, parcels and registered letters and stationary sales and money transfer.
  2. How long does it take for international and local mail to reach destination?
    Local mail: one (1) to three (3) days depending on the distance of the destination
    SADC countries: 6 days
    Rest of Africa: 6 days
    European countries: five (5) days
    Rest of the world: six (6) days
  3. How long does mail stay at the post office before it's referred to as unclaimed?
    Mail items stay for 27 days before they are referred to as unclaimed.
  4. Post Boxes cost of rental
    Business is E267.80 Residential E184.70. Purchasing of post boxes Business E90.50 and residential E70.50.
  5. Availability of Post Boxes
    Information is provided upon enquiry.
  6. How to change post box keys
    Business: A request letter from company
    Individual: Owner of post box must produce identity card
  7. What happens if an item gets lost/damaged?
    When items are lost, the customer is compensated and liability is taken by the responsible Postal Administration
  8. How will someone know if they have an item to pick up at the post office?
    There is a mail item advice slip put in the mail box to alert the customer.


  1. How do I apply for a landline service for my office?
    Visit your nearest telecentre and fill a form; you will be required to have the following
    1. ID copy of one director
    2. Passport sized photo
    3. Certificate of incorporation/memorandum/form J
  2. How do I apply for an internet connection my office?
    Visit your nearest telecentre and fill in an application form. If you already have a landline, bring your company stamp. If you don’t have a landline, you must apply for landline first or simultaneously.
  3. How can I lock my phone?
    You can apply for our secret code service
  4. How do I activate and deactivate a secret code?
    Secrete code activation and deactivation procedures are different for each exchange; customers are advised to call our contact centre or visit their nearest telecentre for their specific/relevant procedure for activation and deactivation.
  5. How much do I pay for internet?
    Our internet service (ADSL) has different packages and their prices; customer can call our contact centre for prices or visit their nearest telelcentre.
  6. Can I divert my line to a cell phone?
  7. What are data calls?
    These are data charges charged outside the customer internet package. Any data used outside (package exceeded) package
  8. What are sub-regional calls?
    Calls to Southern African destination
  9. What are international calls and how do they work?
    Calls made to countries outside Southern Africa
  10. What do I need to do to get a domain registered?
    Visit the nearest telecentre to apply for this service
  11. Can I pay my bill at the Post Office?
  12. How long does it take to install a landline?
    10 to 14 working days
  13. How long does it take to transfer a line?
    10 to 14 working days
  14. Why don’t Technicians connect a handset after installation?
    The handset fee is not included in the installation fee, hence customer should purchase handset.
  15. Where can I have my modem tested when its faulty?
    At our internet café at the Plaza
  16. If my modem is beyond repair, can I have it replaced?
    No. A new modem should be purchased.
  17. Why can’t I exchange my handset as a pre-paid customer?
    Handset levy fees are not paid by pre-paid customers
  18. How long does it take to pass a credit adjustment on a clients account?
    One month


  1. What is Phutfumani Couriers & Freight Services’ business?
    1. Courier
    2. Freight
    3. Customs Clearing
    4. Warehousing
  2. Where does Phutfumani collect?
    We collect locally and Internationally
  3. Who do you collect for?
    Collect for companies & Individuals
  4. What are your charges / rates?
    1. Transport fee is charged based on actual weight and volumetric
    2. There is a standing handling documentation fee E80.00 (International parcels)
    3. ASYCUDA fee E40.00
  5. What does Phutfumani Require to collect a parcel from outside Swaziland?
    1. Company name where to collect
    2. Company Exporter’s Code
    3. Physical address
    4. Telephone #
    5. Contact person
    6. Parcel Contents / Type of shipment/ order #/Ref #
    7. Weight of consignment (Actual weight /Dimensions)
    8. Value of parcel before VAT
    9. Your name or Company
    10. Contact person
    11. TIN if we are collecting for the company
    12. SRA account if collecting for the company
  6. What is ASYCUDA and Where is it registered?
    1. ASYCUDA : Automated System data
    2. SRA Mbabane
    3. We can also assit client to register fo ASYCUDA
  7. How much do you charge to assist me?
    It’s free.
  8. What do you require to register/ need form me?
    1. Copy of ID
    2. Physical Address
    3. Postal address
    4. Your details.
  9. How long does Phutfumani take to deliver?
    1. Domestic: same day
    2. South Africa: overnight
    3. International: 2 - 3 days depending on the ZONE.
  10. What is a ZONE?
    We classify country by zones
  11. When do I pay?
    1. COD when receiving the parcel
    2. COD when sending the parcel
  12. Do you pay VAT on my behalf?
    Yes, but we will require the money from you.
  13. Do you claim S. African VAT?

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