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The SPTC Contact Centre

A contact centre is a central point of contact for customers in any enterprise or organization. It can also be defined as an integrated and usually automated communications system that coordinates all telephone and electronic contacts between an organization and the public. The Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications Corporation also has a contact centre, operating 24 hours. This is the entry point for a majority of our customers when searching for information, whistle blow services and fault reporting. The SPTC contact centre is divided into two sections:


This is where SPTC contact centre agents call customers for; customer satisfaction survey, giving feedback on follow ups, telesales, win back and notifications.


This section deals with all customers that call the SPTC toll free numbers (8002000/971/910 and 8002100) for enquires and fault reporting. Customers call contact centre for various reasons i.e. faults reporting; number enquiries, unlimited products activation, follow ups, want information on products and services and general SPTC information.


Difference between Contact Centre and Telecentre: The main difference between the Contact Centre and the Telecentre is that the contact centre deals with the customer over soft medium i.e. Phone, Live chat , Fax (24052347) while the Telecentre deals with mainly walk in customers who have come to make account payments and other enquiries. SPTC currently has one contact centre at Mbabane (Phutfumani Building) and nine telecentres listed as follows:

Hhohho Region
Phutfumani Telecentre
Tel: 2405 2224
SPTC Headquarters,
Mahlokohla Street
Swazi Plaza Telecentre
Tel: 2405 2369
Swazi Plaza,
The Gables Telecentre
Tel: 2416 2540/ 2416 2325
The Gables shopping centre,
Manzini Region
Matsapha Telecentre
Tel: 2518 8250
Matsapha Shopping Complex,
Manzini Bhunu Mall Telecentre
Tel: 2505 2160/2505 9098
Bhunu Mall,
Nkoseluhlaza Street
Riverstone Mall Telecentre
Tel: 2505 6954
Riverstone Mall on the 2nd Floor
Lubombo Region
Siteki Telecentre
Tel: 2343 4811/2343 4294
Matata Telecentre
Tel: 2364 6341/ 2364 6342
Matata Shopping Center at the gate
Shiselweni Region
Nhlangano Telecentre
Tel: 2207 7315
Zama Zama Shopping Complex


Faults reporting:

Customers report their faulty lines through 8002000/971/910/901 and a reference number will be issued.

Other faults:

Customers can also report other SPTC faults (poles down, fires close to SPTC poles, cabinets, drop wires, exchange or any other SPTC property and cable theft) to 8002000/971/910/901.

What is a Reference number?

Once a fault has been reported a reference number is automatically generated by the system which is then distributed to all the relevant departments and that number is used to follow on outstanding faults.

Number enquiry:

Customers call our toll free numbers for directory enquiries as well. Mainly its customers who do not have access to our telephone directory as well as our International callers.

General information:

Customers can call the contact centre to seek for general SPTC information if they want more information for instance about an advert they have seen or heard through our media.

Follow ups:

Follow ups are done once it has taken a long time for the phone or ADSL Service to be restored.

Live Chat:

Customers use this facility instead of direct calling to also report faults, make follow up, directory enquiry etc. through our website (

Postal helpline/8002100:

Swazi Post customers can call the toll free number to inquire about our postal services i.e. Parcel tracking, money transfer (sivinini) and School fees payment.

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