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SwaziPost Offers Online Tracking Service For Posted Recorded Items

3 January 2015 - Recent studies show that access to tracking data is one of the most important criteria for e-commerce merchants in selecting their preferred delivery partners. One of the criticisms of postal deliveries has been difficult access to authoritative tracking information for international deliveries. This system will save the customer time and money in tracking where their posted items are or whether they have been delivered, at their convenience. Track & Trace lets you check the delivery status of trackable items you’ve sent or which have been sent to you. If you've used SwaziPost, you can use Track and Trace to confirm when your item has been delivered.

For the first time, Swazi Post offers her customers a central location to track shipments online through the SPTC website This means Swazi Post customers will now be able to track and trace items posted through the post.

This is a result of the the successful launch of the UPU (Universal Postal Union) Internet domain “post” which extends the physical postal network to the internet. The first application under post is access to the UPU Global Track & Trace system. The system offers a central location to track shipments throughout the UPU worldwide postal network at an item level. It is the web-based tracking data storage through which the customers who actually post recorded mail items (registered/insured mail items, parcels and EMS) can check the location and delivery status of their items using item identification codes (bar-coded numbers). Tracking can be done through the SPTC website or directly from UPU website at

Tracking your item is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Visit the online tracking tool
  2. Enter the item tracking number (or Article ID) in the box and click 'Search'
  3. A tracking summary will appear, listing delivery information that has been captured at various scan points through your item's journey

How much detail is shown on the Tracking Tool? The number of times an item is scanned during the delivery process, and the type of descriptions you will be able to view depends on the following:

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