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SwaziPost - Post Boxes

13 December 2014 - SwaziPost is the country┬┤s prime mover of written communications and parcels with services comprising ordinary and registered mail, courier and freight services. The Post Office provides the most cost-effective and efficient delivery options in the Swazi market. Through the post office people are able to purchase SwaziMTN airtime cards and units; SwaziTelecom payphone calling cards, umkhululi EasyCall cards and prepaid cards. Moreover, the SwaziPost offices provide customers the opportunity to pay for their Swaziland Electricity Company bills, Swaziland Water Services bills and the Swaziland Television and Broadcasting Corporation licenses. Above that SwaziPost offers diversify financials such as money transfers (domestic and international), Insurances services, school fees collection to mention just a few. Philatelic products are also available, while Internet cafes and computer accessories are provided throughout Swaziland.

With 33 major outlets, SwaziPost serves remote and rural parts of the country. . All postal transactions are now computerized, improving efficiency and enhancing service delivery.


Personalized access to mail directly sent to your own personal post box ensures privacy and convenience. Personal mail such as bank statements and personal letters are sent directly to your post box, only the person with the key to the box has access to the mail.

A post-box can be rented for a year and during this period SwaziPost will deliver your mail to your box. To get a post-box, simply apply for it at your preferred Post Office and you will be allocated one together with keys so you can collect your mail at any time convenient to you.


Private Bag

Is a special form of postal delivery, usually used by government departments, medium and large businesses and parastatals, who receive large volumes of mail. In this arrangement, the recipient rents a lockable specially designed mail bag where all letters are posted.

How it works

Apply for a Private Bag at your nearest Post Office and collect your mail later. Only a designated person in your company has access keys to your bag.

Post Restante

General delivery is a service where the post office holds mail until the recipient calls for it. It is a common destination for mail for people who are visiting a particular location and have no need, or no way, of having mail delivered directly to their place of residence at that time.

Postage Stamp

Postage stamps are purchased from a postal administration or other authorized vendors and are used to pay for the costs involved in moving mail as well as other business necessities such as insurance and registration.

Stamp Bureau

The stamp bureau provides all philatelic requirements, such as First Day Covers, Sets, Cylinder Blocks and Gutter Pair. It also involves selling of definitive and commemorative stamps to collects.

Direct Mail Service

Companies use post boxes as a medium to reach their target markets. Companies can also use post boxes to run promotions and advertise their services. This service is ideal for direct mail communication and distribution and collection of questionnaires.

Post Box availability as of 31 September 2014

Region Post Office Total number of available mailboxes
Hhohho Bhunya 223
Ebuhleni 8
Emsahweni 20
Entfonjeni 24
Eveni 125
Ezulwini 123
Lobamba 74
Mahlanya 181
Mbabane 5 805
Mhlambanyatsi 303
Ngwenya 70
Piggs Peak 79
Sandla 15
Swazi Plaza 77
Motshane 66
The Gables 86
Manzini Kwaluseni 110
Luve 166
Luyengo 164
Mahlangatsha ND
Makayane 220
Malkerns 284
Manzini 559
Matsapha 91
Mzimpofu 89
Mliba 52
Sidvokodvo 182
Siphofaneni 219
Sithobelweni ND
The Hub 1 197
Lubombo Big Bend 132
Lomahasha 40
Matata 169
Mhlume 144
Mpaka 98
Ngomane 84
Nsoko 157
Simunye 121
Siteki 826
Tshaneni 9
Vuvulane 58
Shiselweni Dumako 5
Gege 59
Hlathikhulu 344
Hluthi 163
Khubuta 150
Lavumisa 74
Magubheleni 80
Mahamba 75
Mhlosheni 128
Nhlangano 669

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