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Swazipost Sivinini Money Transfer

6 December 2014 - SwaziPost is the country┬┤s prime mover of written communications and parcels with services comprising ordinary and registered mail, courier and freight services. The Post Office provides the most cost-effective and efficient delivery options in the Swazi market. Through the post office people are able to purchase SwaziMTN airtime cards and units; SwaziTelecom payphone calling cards, umkhululi EasyCall cards and prepaid cards. Moreover, the SwaziPost offices provide customers the opportunity to pay for their Swaziland Electricity Company bills, Swaziland Water Services bills and the Swaziland Television and Broadcasting Corporation licenses. Above that SwaziPost offers diversify financials such as money transfers (domestic and international), Insurances services, school fees collection to mention just a few. Philatelic products are also available, while Internet cafes and computer accessories are provided throughout Swaziland. With 33 major outlets, SwaziPost serves remote and rural parts of the country. . All postal transactions are now computerized, improving efficiency and enhancing service delivery.

Sivinini Money Transfer

Sivinini Money is a safe, secure, fast and convenient platform that allows for the transfer of money from person to person through all the post office (counter-to-counter) distributed around the country and also to neighbouring countries like South Africa, Lesotho and Botswana.

How it works:


Sending post office:


Delivery office:


Companies that want to send cash through the post office make an arrangement to deposit cash, no matter the amount, in SPTC bank account. The company then provides an itemised list of beneficiaries and the post office at which the cash will be sent.


The following are benefits of our Money Transfer Service:

For more information about SwaziPost and Sivinini Money transfer call 8002100

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