Stamp Bureau (Philately)

What is Stamp Bureau (Philately)

The Stamp Bureau is a section under SwaziPost, a division of Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications. Its main purpose is production of stamps for both collection by philatelists and postage on postal items. The Bureau deals directly with stamp collectors, dealers and agents around the country and internationally.

There are two types of stamps namely; Commemorative and Definitive stamps. Commemorative Stamps are sold for a period up to twelve months whereas Definitive Stamps are sold for up to ten years.

What is a stamp?

A stamp is a masterpiece of art. It is a paper ambassador portraying a country's status, history, culture, sport, nature conservation, industry, events, agriculture and promotes national image.

Stamp Collections

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Where to find Us

Physical Address:
Stamp Bureau is situated at Phutfumani Building, Mahlokohla Street,
Mbabane, Swaziland

Postal Address:
P.O.Box 555, Mbabane, H100, Swaziland, Southern Africa

(+268) 2405 2176/7/8


Swaziland Post and Telecommunications Corporation ,
Phutfumani Building
Mahlokohla Street

(00268) 2405 2000
TOLL FREE: 800 2100
(00268) 2405 2020

the map of where Phutfumani Building is

Latitude: -26.326249
Longitude: 31.144910

PO Box 125
Mbabane, H100
Kingdom of Swaziland