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About EswatiniTelecom

EswatiniTelecom provides the spectrum of quality global telecommunication services with direct dialing to over 200 countries and a 24-hour operator assisted service. It offers ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) Broadband, a high EswatiniTelecom Logospeed, ´always on´ Internet access service to send and receive data at speeds surpassing conventional dial-up connection. It also provides high performance at low cost and is suitable for small to medium companies, as well as home use. The ASDL services can simultaneously be connected to the Internet while making and receiving calls. Connection is continuous and monthly consumption may be checked by logging onto ADSL broadband is also provided by Internet service providers that sell on to customers.

Another range of products and services is based on "wired and unwired" networks, including customer premises equipment (PABX) to provide users with flexible communication solutions. Other products include Integrated Services Digital Networks (ISDN), Managed Data Services and Video Conferencing, plus call barring, three-party conferencing, and toll free services.

EswatiniTelecom is committed to supplying modern telecommunication services throughout the country, including less developed areas, and contributes to the economy by providing employment, attachment for students at tertiary institutions and by participating in and sponsoring social events. The Next Generation Network (NGN) is poised to change the communications landscape of Swaziland by bringing on stream products and services that are currently not available.

The following is a list of service products from EswatiniTelecom:

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Phutfumani Building, Mahlokohla Street, Mbabane
P.O BOX 125, Mbabane
(00268) 2405 2000
800 2000 (TOLL FREE)
(00268) 2405 2020
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